Are you falling further and further behind on your credit card or medical bills? Are creditors garnishing your bank accounts or wages? Are collection agencies calling and harassing you? Do you feel like you won't ever be able to dig your way out?

If so, you should give our attorneys a call today to discuss your financial situation. Most people wait far too long to do something proactive about their debt. Meanwhile, weeks and months of payments go toward servicing a debt load that is too substantial to ever be paid down. Moreover, money spent to pay down your debt is money that could otherwise be put toward a more productive use. Don't fall victim to this viscous cycle.

Whether you are a good bankruptcy candidate or not, it's never a bad idea to know your options. For many people, bankruptcy is not a good option. For instance, if a person is "collection proof," or does not have enough debt to make it worth filing (you can only file for Chapter 7 every eight years), it might be best to hold off. However, for many people, bankruptcy provides a fresh start and a new lease on financial life. That's the reason we have bankruptcy laws in this country.

At Roney & Knupp, we will sit down with you one-on-one and discuss your financial situation at no charge. If you aren't a good bankruptcy candidate, we will tell you so. If you are a good bankruptcy candidate, we will spend the time to discuss why that's the case, and what your options are moving forward. Our bankruptcy attorneys take pride in helping people with their financial problems. We strive to provide excellent customer service, and most importantly solid and reliable advice.

Don't wait any longer to get a handle on your debt. Give us a call today!