Real Estate

Are you thinking about putting your house or other real estate on the market? Are you thinking about selling it yourself to save thousands in broker commissions?

Selling real estate is a complicated process, particularly for sellers. Sellers must arrange for title inspection, title insurance, closing, real estate transfer taxes, deeds, and other items which come up during a residential real estate sales.

To make sure everything is done properly, call Roney & Knupp today. Our attorneys will assist you in the sales process, and be at your side from acceptance through closing. We will represent you for a fraction of the cost of your typical mortgage broker.

When it comes time to sell your home or other residential real estate, call Roney & Knupp. Consultations are always free.

Are you buying real estate? Are you concerned about protecting your interests? Call Roney & Knupp for assistance. We can help you prepare an Offer to Purchase, then work with you through the entire real estate purchasing process. We will come with you to the closing. Flat fees are available in most cases.